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woensdag 4 maart 2015


I'm pleased to announce that I'm Gallery 202 's  Featured Artist for March.

Below a screenshot. You can see the original post  here                                                                                                                                                              

zaterdag 21 februari 2015

drawing challenge 159: vein

In 2007, I experimented with monotype on gauze. On the back I made the drawing.
Print lines, such as etching and monoprint, are characteristic because the separation
between paper and line is sharp. At the same time they are also reminiscent of veins
that lie close to the skin.
These prints came in memory at the dc on veins.
To see more on this theme: please visit the site of Veronica, who's the host this week.

donderdag 19 februari 2015

searching for roy g biv: orange

Searching for roy g biv: the color of this month is ORANGE.

From top left to bottom right: (just click the text to see the original post)

pontoon,  orange and blue,  bridge I
blue flag,  bridges and rivers,  window and wall
bridge II,  waiting for the parade  and  wetland.

And below some numbers on an orange background.

Yo see more ORANGE please visite the sites of Julie and Jennifer




woensdag 18 februari 2015


I'm pleased to share that I´m taking part in the online exhibition "Residual".
It's organised by Gallery202, a contemporary artist led non profit initiative                                       
in Kettering Northamtonshire UK,

Following the "fallowland" series in October 2014 (here and here) where 
"fallow" was the theme I created these works. 

The middle of each work is an old paint rag soaked with remains and
 residues of paint. I have transferred them to abstract landscapes.

You can find the "residual gallery" here  with artwork
from the 14 artists who participate in this project,

zaterdag 14 februari 2015

drawing challenge 158 : aqua


This week's dc "aqua" brought me to these collages.
They're a combination of a print of a shell on the index
of an atlas and on transparant paper and mounted on
 an aqua background.
To se more  aqua" please visit Veronica her site here

zaterdag 31 januari 2015

drawing challenge 156 - the unexpected

Cleaning up in my studio, there were a few plates with dried layers of acrylic paint.
To remove the layers the next day quite easily, I put the plates under water.
When everything was soaked off the results of the layers that had been stuck to
the plates was quite remarkable and unexpected.
"The good, the bad and the ugly":)
To see more unexpected things, please visit Joke's site here

zondag 18 januari 2015

dc toast


Two small "paper"toasts for this week's drawing challenge.
Each 10 x 10 cm (2,5 x 2,5 inch), collage, decollage, monoprint.
To see more "toast" please visit Veronica's site.

Below some digital toasts

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

reds - searching for roy g biv





A series of 12 small reds, each 10 x 10 cm, 4 x 4 inch.
To see more reds please visit the sites from Julie and Jennifer.

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