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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

sixes and sevens - drawing challenge 187

This week's dc theme: "At sixes and sevens"... I've played
with the numbers, not in utter chaos:), just to get a firm grip...

To see more sixes and sevens, please visit Nadinr's site here
She's the host this week.

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Shinrin Yoku - drawing challenge 186

Treetops,  photographed during a holiday in the South of France in 2010.

I  visited there "La Bambouserie", a botanic garden in the Cevennes, South of France, 
It has a forest of giant bamboo and a Japanese-inspired garden, based on the principles of Feng Shui. 

Below some images of the garden. You can find it here:

In the shop I discovered the inspiring book "Écorces" (Bark) by Cédric Pollet.


"This work is the culmination of ten years of photography, in nearly twenty-five destinations, tracking down the most fascinating bark on the globe. From his numerous botanical expeditions, Cédric Pollet brings back unique shots where graphics and colors intermingle without limit".

Below some images from the book.

To see more "Shinrin-yoku", also known as "forest bathing", please visit
the site of Veronica here
She's the host this week for the weekly drawing challenge.

zaterdag 23 januari 2016

reef - drawing challenge 185

To get an image of a reef as if you are floating over it (imagine...),
I digitally altered images of earlier work.

To see more reefs please visit the site of Katrin here
She's the host for the 185th dc this week.

Below an image of a piece of red coral.

zaterdag 16 januari 2016

rhythm - drawing challenge 184

Finding out "rhythm", my first thought was rhythm and blue(s).
I came to these rhythms of boats, made with the tools of bighugelabs. 

To see more on this beautiful theme for this week's drawing challenge,
please visite the site of Veronica here. She's the host this week.

zaterdag 5 december 2015

threshold - drawing challenge 183

"Threshold" on my mind, the theme of the drawing
  challenge this week, I came to these pieces.

 (Not sure if they're finished, just running out of time...)

To see more "thresholds", please visit Tammie's site here

zaterdag 28 november 2015

abundance - drawing challenge 182

Thinking about this week's theme "abundance", 
the unfinished poem of John O'Donohue passes my mind.

I've made these pieces some time ago. Each piece is 5 x 5 inch.
Thought they would fit in the theme.

To see more, please visit the site of Veronica here
She's the host this week.

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