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dinsdag 16 juni 2015

boats and canoes - 3

More boats and canoes...

This week's colors of The Summer of Color
 are 1 pink + 1 pink + 1 orange.

To see more, please visit Kristin's site here

My inspiration for the boats and canoes series was this beautiful
photo below, made by M. (...) on her journey to Zambia.

zaterdag 13 juni 2015

drawing challenge 171: ...from the ocean

  "From the ocean, from the sea"

This week's drawing challenge is "something from the ocean".
It brought me back to these pieces, inspired by the sea, the ocean.

To see more " from the ocean", please visit the site of Veronica here

There was also a beautiful exhibition  "De Zee", A Salut d'Honneur to Jan Hoet,
the Belgian founder of SMAK ( The Municipal Musem for Contemporary Art)
in Ghent, Belgium. He passed away in 2014.

You can find images of the exhibition here and here

cover of the catalogue

dinsdag 9 juni 2015

boats and canoes - 2

Sometimes ago I've created some boats and canoes 
Suddenly they were there. They crossed my path.
On their way from here to there.
And later I've made more.

Now they're waiting for a boat trip.
These are for The Summer of Color.
This week's colors are 1 blue + 1 blue + 1 green.
To see more, please visit Kristin's site here.

zaterdag 6 juni 2015

drawing challenge 170: move

"As the crow flies": 
 In a straight line distance between two locations,  as 
 opposed to the the road distance or over land distance. 

"Move" is this week's theme for the drawing challenge.
Above images of a flying bird from Eadweard Muybridge,
an English photographer important for his pioneering work
in photographic studies of motion.

To see more "moves", please visit the site of Katrin,
who's the host this week.

zaterdag 30 mei 2015

drawing challenge 169: youth



between yellow and blue

hanging around

Reflecting on this week's theme of the drawing challenge
I came to these pieces that I've made a few years ago.

To see more "youth", please visit Rose her site  here,
she's the host this week.

And sometimes there's uproar...


zaterdag 23 mei 2015

drawing challenge 168: Frida Kahlo

       Postcard to Frida

Frida Kahlo: "Feet, what do I need for when I have wings to fly"

This week's drawing challenge is Frida  Kahlo.
It reminded me of the above quote.

To see more, please visit the site of Patrice  who is the host this week.

zondag 17 mei 2015

drawing challenge 167: trickster

Inside the trickster's head:)

The monoprint of the firestone that I used in the rara avis dc is my trickster and trigger.
Because it't also a face, a comet, an island and a bird and maybe a sleeping beauty.

This week's theme for the drawing challenge is "trickster".
To see more, please visit Veronica's site  here

"Everyone is a genius"
"But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,
 it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"

- Albert Einstein -

zaterdag 2 mei 2015

dc 166: stars

"Starcatcher", (model) plywood, +/- 20 x 30 cm / 8 x 12 inch.


"Matchbox to catch the stars"

To see more about "stars", please visit Veronica"s site here

zaterdag 25 april 2015

dc 165: coat

Reflecting on the theme of this weeks drawing challenge,
"the coat", the kimono passed my mind.

I've used one of the images of  dc 159  as starting point for a
kimono design.

And found on the web this painters coat here

And also this: "coat" poem by Yeats.

A Coat
William Butler Yeats, 1916

I made my song a coat
covered in embroideries
out of old mythologies
from heel to throat;
but the fools caught it,
wore it in the world’s eyes
as though they’d wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
for there’s more enterprise
in walking naked.

To see more coats please visit Patrice her site here

vrijdag 17 april 2015

searching for roy g biv - green

Searching for roy g biv: the color of this month is  green.

However it's a color I don't often use, I was inspired
by the Monstera Leaf and  I came to these grids.

To see more greens, please visit the site of  Julie

zaterdag 11 april 2015

dc 164: grass


"mosaics, prints of grass", each 9 x 21 cm (3,5 x 8,3 inch)

To see more "grasses", please visit Veronica"s site here

vrijdag 3 april 2015

drawing challenge: 163 - "key"

It's about 20 years ago that I've made these pieces.

In search for meaning and wondering why after the passing of my father.

I started with two pieces but soon I decided to combine them.
They're painted and collage, each +/- 20 x 30 cm, 8 x 12 inch.

A kind of key, a reference or a clue, and still good memories ...

And his tool was the Morse key.

And another "key" was on my mind.

Constantin Brancusi, The beginning of the world, 1916

To see more "keys" please visit Veronica's site here
Thanks for hosting Veronica!

Happy Easter to you!

zaterdag 28 maart 2015

The beauty of pollination - drawing challenge 162 - pollinators

Inspired by this week's drawing challenge "pollinators"
 I made these two collages: "bees"and "pattern"



And some digital honeycomb patterns.

Found on the web: The beauty of pollination.

Don't forget to look at the beautiful work of Wolfgang Laib  (just click his name)

To see more: please visit Tammie Lee 's site here

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