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zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

drawing challenge - dress (to impress:)


This week's drawing challenge is "dress". I a'm not a fashion designer
nor a dressmaker.  And running out of time. But a challenge is a challenge...
Inspired by Patrice's comment on my last post (thanks) : "would look nice on a dress",
I came to this dress. And not (yet...) available in the regular fashion shops:)
To see more dresses, please visit Patrice's blog here. Thanks for hosting, Patrice.

donderdag 16 oktober 2014


4 desert songs, each 12,5 x 12,5 cm

6 whites, each 4 x 6,25 cm

White is the color of this month for Roy G Biv.
If I want to say ( paint etc.) something concisely, I often go back to white.
Here are some "whites" from the last few years.
To see more "whites" please visit Julie's or Jennifer's blog for all the white links.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

the art of cookies

The theme of this week's drawing challenge is cookies.
You'll find more (fortune) cookies on Stefanie Seltner's site here
Thank you for hosting Stefanie.

vrijdag 10 oktober 2014


More from the same series.
Collage, mixed media and ink drawing
on paper and cotton, size +/- 25 x 35 cm.

"Fallowland I, II and III", collage, mixed media on paper
 and ink drawing on paper and cotton, size +/- 25 x 35 cm.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014


I'm pleased to share that I´m taking part in the online exhibition "Fallow".
It's organised by Gallery202, a contemporary artist led non profit initiative 
in Kettering Northamtonshire UK,


You can find the "Fallow Gallery" here, with  artwork
 from 21 artists who participate in this project.

"Fallowland I, II and III", collage, mixed media on paper
 and ink drawing on paper and cotton, size +/- 25 x 35 cm.

zaterdag 4 oktober 2014


This week's theme for the drawing challenge is Swoon. 

It might be a color name. But it isn't. Well, if you Google it in combination with
a color name, you get nice results , like swoon maroon. And  wandering through
the wikipedia List of colors you'll find beautiful names.

I also found Color Thesaurus, a collection of 12 color charts that list the correct
names of all shades, created by Ingrid Sundberg, a writer and illustrator.

Back to where I begun. Swoon as a color. 
Some weeks ago I worked on a series of mosaics that could be seen
on my worktable. They were inspired by the colors of autumn.

I decided to call them "the swoon orange series".
Each 12,5 x 12,5 cm, collage, paint, mono-type.

To see more on the theme swoon, please visit Tammie's site:
Beauty Flows.  Thank you Tammie for hosting.

And talking about swoon...also see my last post on Mark Rothko.

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Mark Rothko and more

This week's drawing challenge is swoon and Mark Rothko crossed my mind.

"His color fields are of unparalleled intensity and communicate universal human
 emotions such as fear, ecstasy, and euphoria complaint".

The first Dutch Rothko exhibition in 40 years is now in " het gemeentemuseum"
in The Hague. More about it you'll find here

More about the drawing challenge...tomorrow.

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

The Woven Tale

I´m pleased to share that my artwork is being featured in the newest issue of The Woven Tale Press, an online literary and art magazine that is `an eclectic culling of the creative web`. They have daily posts on their website and produce a free eMagazine via Issuu as well. Their content includes images of artwork, works-in-progress, writing tips, book reviews, info on both traditional publishing and e-publishing, art and photography tips, and videos. And they are always looking for new submissions

zaterdag 27 september 2014

fish talk

This week's drawing challenge is fish. Do fishes talk to each other? And about what?

Here's the original: a small collage with monotype, 10 x 10 cm.


To see more "fish" please visit Sabine's blog "Miss Herzfrisch" here
Thank you for hosting, Sabine.

zondag 21 september 2014

black light and white noise

black light

white noise

Black is the color of this month for Roy G Biv. It reminded me of "black light".
For some reason I thought it would fit with "white noise"
To see more "black", please visit Juli's  or Jennifer's blog for all the black links.

zaterdag 20 september 2014

drawing challenge - second hand

Two cardboards with bits of text from an Italian box.


In "homework with black square" (left) is a calculation my father once made for me long ago.
In  "homework I", I also added  a small piece of an old rag that was once a fitted sheet.


"White"and "Blue". The piece  left was originally the  backside of the piece right.


In "Bolzano" and "Italia" I've used parts of the cover of an italian roadmap.


In "Don't look back"(left) and "Book" I've used a kind of notation paper to work on.

This week's drawing challenge is "second hand" and I've looked for examples  in which the material gets a second life.
To see more on the theme please visit Joke's blog spiegel-beeld . Thank you Joke for hosting this dc.

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